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Intermediation platform for multidisciplinary healthcare and surgery solutions

The SurgyOne team thanks you for opting for the excellence of French medicine and surgery.
In the fabulous setting of the French Riviera, with its renowned medical facilities and its high quality hotels and tourist amenities, SurgyOne welcomes clients in the best conditions to benefit from the double opportunity of access to high quality either curative or preventive care.

Preventive: targeted health check-ups

Curative: management of clients with complex surgical diseases.

High quality technical and technological health care.
For clients from all around the world seeking the technical excellence of a multidisciplinary intermediation medical platform respecting the cultural traditions of each and everyone.

Health check-ups and surgical management of complex illnesses are at the heart of SurgyOne’s concerns.


Through the well-known medical training of French surgeons, SurgyOne proposes to connect with these practitioners to effectively meet the ever-growing demand for tailor-made healthcare support.
SurgyOne is a French international company, a multidisciplinary intermediation platform that offers medical and surgical solutions combined with high quality complementary concierge services in the healthcare field.


SurgyOne is committed to meeting the needs of its clients and offers exceptional customized services in the fabulous setting of the French Riviera.

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A strong concern and culture of confidentiality and security

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Health check-ups

If common sense suggests, everywhere in the world, to practice physical exercises and a well-balanced diet, a healthy lifestyle preserves the odds of staying in good health

It is nevertheless very important to undergo regular health check-ups.

Through a series of tests and examinations, the health check-up provides a picture of your health.

A referring specialist will suggest the following check-ups:

Cardiovascular check-up
Respiratory check-up
Digestive check-up
Senological check-up
Nutritional check-up
Diabetic check-up
Explore our heath check-ups
Getting in touch for a health check-up

Addressing complex pathologies

Using SurgyOne’s integrated services, you will benefit from :

The excellence of the expertise and renown of a network of doctors and surgeons co-opted and recognized by their peers
The technical and technological excellence of medical equipment
The excellence of a permanent relationship with the surgeons
The respect of confidentiality

As soon as we receive your request for information, SurgyOne will call you back within 48 hours.

By phone, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: :
+33(0) 4 22 72 02 22