About us

SurgyOne, a French company dedicated to the health sector

SurgyOne, a French company specialized in the health sector.

SurgyOne addresses the growing international demand for access to quality care provided by French surgical teams.

SurgyOne is a company whose activity is to connect customers with leading practitioners on the French Riviera.

SurgyOne, through a network of medical institutions, provides its clients with the highest level of medical and surgical care in the shortest possible time and in complete confidentiality.

SurgyOne, through a network of recognized practitioners on the French Riviera, allows its clients to benefit from quality surgical care, thorough post-operative monitoring and remote follow-up suited to each pathology.

SurgyOne favors proximity and the human approach at every stage of the client’s care.

SurgyOne offers its customers contact with high-level medical teams

SurgyOne also offers luxury concierge services.

Experts dans la chirurgie de pointe

A strong sense of independence

A culture of security and confidentiality

Luxury hospitality and services on the French Riviera

Tailor-made health care

Our clients of all nationalities seek the technical excellence of a multidisciplinary medical platform.

Through the well-known medical training of French surgeons, SurgyOne offers skills to effectively meet the ever-growing requirement for tailored healthcare and surgical excellence.

Our renown

Enjoy the double opportunity of an access to curative and preventive care


Care for patients with serious surgical pathologies requiring hospitalization.


Carrying out targeted health check-ups

Luxury services

In the amazing surroundings of the French Riviera...

With its unequalled hotel and tourist infrastructure and its well-known hospital structures, SurgyOne welcomes you in the most appropriate conditions.