Better to prevent than to cure

Medical check-ups

While it is common sense to exercise, eat a balanced diet and live a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to have regular check-ups.

Through a set of tests and exams, the health check-up provides a snapshot of your health status

Because :
1. either you have a known disease or a risk factor and a regular check-up is highly recommended in this case
2. or you wish to have a preventive check-up to diagnose possible emerging illnesses.
1. Either during a scheduled tourist stay, during which your health check-up will be performed
2. Or when a disease is diagnosed that requires a health check-up.
Thanks to SurgyOne's technical hub, you will benefit from an early telemedicine consultancy after which your health check-up will be scheduled before your coming: consulting specialist doctors, imaging and laboratory tests, and any other required medical elements.
Upon your arrival :
- Reception by the Surgyone team at your arrival point or right in the hospital.
- Consultation by the coordinating doctor in charge
- Carrying out of all the exams and specialized consultations planned as part of the assessment
- Synthesis of the results with the coordinating doctor in charge
- Possible therapeutical proposals
- Delivery of the electronic medical file in strict confidence.
The health check-up is performed in a reference establishment, depending on the type of examination, in a single location and in a short time period (half a day or one day at most).

A referring doctor will offer you the following health check-ups: