ENT – otolaryngology

This medical and surgical specialty deals with the physiology and diseases affecting the ears, nose and throat (larynx and pharynx).

It deals with the treatment of diseases of the anatomical region between the base of the skull and the upper orifice of the thorax: infections, deafness, vertigo, tumors, surgery of the tonsils, vegetations, parotid glands and thyroid.

The people most at risk of ENT cancer are mainly smokers and alcohol abusers.

Some types of ENT pathologies :

  • Pathologies of the ear: Cholesteatoma, deafness, vertigo, allergies, sinus, snoring,
  • Pathologies of the voice
  • Aesthetic demand of the ears (protruding) of the nose and rhinoplasty
  • Pathologies of the nose: septum, septum
  • Thyroid pathology: hyperthyroidism, thyroid cancer
  • Pathologies of the parotid gland: benign and malignant tumor
  • Parathyroid pathologies: Adenoma and cancer
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SurgyOne treats all ENT pathologies, including ENT cancer. For ENT pathologies involving cancer, decisions are made in multidisciplinary consultation meetings with all the specialist doctors likely to be involved (ENT surgeons, ENT oncologists, anatomopathologists, intensive care anesthetists).

At the end of these meetings, the best operative and post operative therapeutic solution will be proposed to the patients. The choice of this therapy is made in agreement with the patient and the surgical team. Patients benefit from the latest techniques.

Some ENT pathologies require a double team surgical management (ENT surgeons and neurosurgeons)


Surgyone offers you a medical supervision by state-of-the-art teams (combining organ specialists, specialized surgeons, anesthesiologists, anatomical pathologists and specialized oncologists).

The surgical or endoscopic techniques required to manage your pathology are part of the current surgical excellence (conventional surgery, minimally invasive surgery, robotic surgery, interventional endoscopy).

In the context of the management of cancer-related pathologies, all decisions will be taken during multidisciplinary consultation meetings related to this pathology.

SurgyOne helps you with the following pathologies :

Pathologies of the ear 

  • Cholesteatoma
  • Deafness pathology 
  • Tympanic drainage 

Aesthetic pathology of the ears 

  • Detached ears 

Pathologies of the nose 

  • Pathology of the nasal septum
  • Pathology of the septum 

Pathologies of the nose and rhinoplasty 

Pathology of the thyroid gland 

  • Hyperthyroidism
  • Thyroid cancer 

Pathologies of the parotid gland 

  • Benign and malignant tumor 

Pathologies of the parathyroid 

  • Adenoma and cancer
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