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The practice of sport is recognized as being of public interest in terms of health. Nevertheless, in order to avoid the occurrence of serious events related to improper efforts, especially cardiovascular, the practice must be medically supervised. Whether you decide to start practicing a sport on a regular basis, to intensify an occasional practice or to continue practicing a sport as you get older, it is absolutely necessary to have a regular health check-up, especially a cardio-respiratory check-up, performed by qualified professionals. Whether it is an endurance sport (running, swimming) or a more “explosive” sport (soccer, tennis, paddle) or even a less violent sport that requires specific muscles (golf), it is necessary to :
  • Ensure a good cardiac, cardiovascular and respiratory condition, because we regularly complain of strokes during sports activities, or the occurrence of myocardial infarction during exercise, or even sudden death during exercise.
  • Make sure that your musculoskeletal capacity is suited to the sport you plan to practice (type and intensity of the musculoskeletal effort, muscular condition and degree of damage to the spine or joints involved)
  • Do not overestimate your capabilities
This is why, whether you are an occasional sportsman, a regular sportsman, a competitive sportsman, or even a patient treated for known pathologies (cancer, diabetes, hypertension, obesity, etc.), the practice of sports is strongly recommended, but in complete safety, in a manner adapted to each person, and under cover of an adapted health check-up beforehand.
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