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The pre-menopausal and menopausal periods constitute a “risk zone” in the women’s lives. Indeed, if these periods are not directly periods of higher risk, on the other hand, they generate a combination of physical, hormonal and psychological changes that together contribute to a significant increase in cardiovascular, osteoarticular, metabolic and cancerous risks.

As a matter of fact, the increasing fragility of the bone structure due to osteoporosis constitutes a factor that favors numerous fractures (neck of the femur, wrist) for harmless traumas. This osteoporosis is itself the result of a decrease in the level of circulating female hormones. Similarly, bone fragility can be responsible for potentially painful and disabling vertebral compression.

The risk of metabolic disease such as type 2 diabetes is also present in men and women in these age groups. The risk of metabolic disorders is also present, sometimes intensified in women by long-term use of oral contraceptives during the period of genital and hormonal activity.

The cardiovascular risk is also heightened as a result of metabolic changes, smoking habits and a reduction in sporting activity.

Finally, the risk of cancer remains high and even increased in this “risk zone”. In fact, the risk of breast cancer is always present and even increased, as well as the risk of pelvic cancers in these women (ovary and uterus).

It is for all these reasons that the regular practice of health check-ups, and in this case a specific check-up, is justified and allows at the very best to avoid the onset of numerous pathologies, and at worst their early diagnosis and therefore their potential cure.

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