Surgical diseases

Once we receive your inquiry, SurgyOne will call you back within 24 hours and set up a quick teleconsultation with the referring doctor.

By using SurgyOne you benefit from :

The excellence of a network of renowned doctors and surgeons
The excellence of care facilities with state-of-the-art technical platforms
Easy and permanent communication with your surgical team
Total confidentiality

The main steps of the healthcare continuum of care

Getting in touch

The administrative coordinator confirms reception of your request and specifies the list of required files to be collected and uploaded on the dedicated, secure and confidential SurgyOne space: medical history, other established diagnoses, X-rays, MRIs, scans, analyses that will allow the study of medical care and the assessment process to be launched.

Review of the file

The coordinating doctor examines the documents collected and gives an opinion on the action to be taken on your request. Your information sheet is sent to a coordinating surgeon to schedule the teleconsultation.

The teleconsultation

A first teleconsultation is set up with one of the surgeons you have chosen among those proposed in the field related to the identified pathology.

The proposal of a personalized care program

Once the teleconsultation is over, SurgyOne offers you a customized care program as well as an estimate of the price of your treatment.

Proposal of conciergerie services

SurgyOne offers a non-exhaustive list of concierge services with an estimate of the price of these services depending on your needs.

The planning of your staying in France

As soon as you arrive in France, if requested, you will be welcomed at the airport and escorted to your accommodation. The first consultation appointment with the practitioners you have chosen is quickly scheduled in order to prepare the hospitalization.


Organization of the admittance to the hospital.

Medical follow-up

SurgyOne offers assistance with post-operative follow-up. Once you have recovered, SurgyOne organizes your return to your country of residence.

SurgyOne assists you in the treatment of your surgical pathology.